Magical    Bubble    Show

It's Educational! It's fun! It's Unique!


Our educational and interactive bubble show will delight and entertain all your guests.  Single bubbles- bubbles inside of bubbles- heaps of bubbles- the bubbles never stop! It's hands-down one of our most popular party entertainment services!


We’ll stimulate everyone’s critical thinking skills by demonstrating how to hold a bubble in your hand, bounce a bubble like a ping pong ball, and make a square bubble.  Most of our bubble makers are ordinary household items that will make amazing bubbles of all sizes. 

The bubbles get bigger and bigger and bigger!  At the end of the show, we’ll make a giant bubble, big enough to put someone inside!  It’s good clean fun!


Please note:  The bubble show can only be performed indoors with doors and windows closed.  There are some venues that are not Bubble Show friendly or do not allow bubbles. Please inquire with us to find out if yours is on the list!

Watch me!

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